Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The raw food diet "as seen on TV"

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"It" all started in the postwar years of the nineteen-fifties with Westinghouse spokeswoman Betty Furness' LIVE, on-camera TV performances when she brought her weekly, kitchen-oriented, homemaker-friendly sessions into our living rooms.

During these widely popular TV broadcasts, Furness often demonstrated the use of her Westinghouse liquifier/blender appliance before a LIVE guest and audience. The little Westinghouse Liquifier/Blender became the amazing vehicle to launch her now-famous, "multi-vegetable juice cocktail recipe."

Furness was responsible for this first-ever, eight (possibly more) liquified vegetable(s) Juice Cocktail, long before a similar, secret recipe ever became known as THE now-familiar V8 Juice Cocktail, and the property of the Campbell Soup Company. Furness, however, put V8 together FIRST, RAW, HOMEMADE, and on LIVE-camera TV before our very eyes, about fifty-one years ago. A nutritious and delicious new fitness drink recipe was born, and health-awareness history was made.

Soon afterwards, with so many movie screenplay characters mimicking Furness' morning vegetable juice cocktail ritual in their movie plots, the practice was quickly popularized as the homemade vegetable fitness drink, immediately making it a permanent fixture in modern-day, nutritionally-aware, upscale Americana.

To this day, over fifty years later, hundreds of thousands of us STILL follow Furness' timeless example, making our own FRESH, RAW, UNPASTEURIZED V8 vegetable juice coctails, every morning that fresh vegetables are available from our gardens, supermarket and/or refrigerators.

[Dr. Mercola, of internet fame, eats about 85% on the raw food diet, including raw eggs and raw meat.] "Raw food" is now the popular subject of more new books than any other of recent classification. ...The practice of "UNcooking" food, formerly prevalent only among primitive cultures dating from ancient Polynesia, but now de regeur in modern, upscale suburbia, is sweeping the environmentally friendly 'green' movement and becoming the silent revolution in kitchens all over the world.

Simply put, cooked food is not only an empty, enzyme-less morass of denatured anti-nutrients, but is, in its covertly sinister action, an insidious, progressive, blood vessel clogging substance. As such, it is little more than a caustic foreign agent, and a slow-acting systemic poison.

Consuming cooked food is scarcely more than subclinical suicide and is tantamount to tossing an odd collection of nuts and bolts into the finest, most delicately-balanced machinery known.

Although it may take decades of stealth to complete its sinister work, A) the processed/cooked food habit slowly and covertly nibbles away at our vital energy, B), it saps our strength and initiative, C), as the progressive disease process signs and symptoms eventually become serious enough to demand diagnosis, it is then given an orthodox medical name, and palliative medications are prescribed. As an expected outgrowth of this diagnosis and the orthodox medical treatment plan, eventually the usual crippling and reduced mobility develops. D), if no other action is taken to address the *true cause of the condition, the ravages of the process will continue unabated, eventually completely overwhelming ALL of the natural defenses of its unwary (and/or unwilling) host.

Why not take the time now to learn more about, invest in, rejuvenate, and re-vitalize your most valuable asset? We have but one body. A continued reliance on popular, albeit well-intended misinformation can slowly, almost imperceptibly, undermine and destroy health, at whatever its stage.

Can you afford to allow your state of health to follow its present course? In my opinion, two volumes can drastically alter that course for the better: 1) "We Want To Live" and 2) "The Recipe For Living Without Disease." Both by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD. For more information, go to www.wewant2live.com.

To your health,

Mark R., Birmingham, Alabama

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